Private healing session

Take a journey with me. In this hour-long session, you will receive a personalized healing experience, a holistic combination of intuitive energy reading, somatic touch therapy, and conversational healing.

Location: My home studio in Highland Park, Los Angeles.

Price: $150

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In-class healing

“Yin + Healing Collective” (yoga class) Mondays & Thursdays at 4:30 PM

Location: Kinship Yoga, Highland Park, Los Angeles, CA, USA

Price: $25

Kinship's exceptional Yin/restorative format, integrated with a curated group of established and emerging body, energy, sound, and sense workers. Feel the healing vibrations build throughout the class while tuning in to your own deepening stillness, through this transformative class. A great one to share with a soon to be blown-away friend!

Note: Please talk to me before class and let me know if you want me to work on you.

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More about Intuitive Touch

My healing practice Intuitive Touch is a combination of intuitive energy reading and somatic touch therapy.

How does it work?

With love and intention, I touch your gut, hips, lungs, heart, shoulders, neck, ears, third eye, and crown, generating warm sensations and a deep sense of acceptance in a safe, non-verbal manner.

What will you get?

I simply hold space for you, so you can relax and come back home to yourself.

I hope to help you soften your heart and guide you to awaken your inner healer. Go ahead and lean into my touch. Allow yourself to feel your feelings and your body.

Intuitive Touch is my original creation. I created it because I myself wish to receive a healing treatment like it. It is the sum of my experiences, insight, intuition, and wisdom from my current and previous lives, and I bring all of myself to offer a healing experience to you.

To give you a sense of what Intuitive Touch is like, take a look at this piece of a client testimonial:

“Her ability to tune in and have a direct conversation with your body’s energy is remarkable and unlike anything I have ever personally experienced.”

You may read more testimonials here.

For all inquiries, please email me.