Read what my clients are saying about my healing practice Intuitive Touch.

Fa’s healing method of touch is truly unique and intentional. She creates a tranquil spaciousness to still the waters of your mind and body. Her rhythmic hand movements are like the tide as you breathe and connect to a deeper place within.

This is not massage, it feels more like meditation. It felt cleansing and clearing. At times it took me to a pure infantile place and it felt like the warm touch of a loving mother on a cosmic level.

Whether you have deep wounds that are difficult to face and let go of, or your mind and body simply struggle to relax, these sessions would be a benefit for all creatures. My dog who suffers from extreme anxiety during rainstorms has also enjoyed great benefits from his sessions with her!

Fa, you are a healer. This is what healers aim to be. You are not a person. You are a place. You create a place for people to work on themselves and heal.

— Annie K.

I met Fa on the precipice of the most severe medical issues I have ever endured. As a young, healthy and active person, I was having a host of unknown autoimmune responses for many weeks.

Throughout this time, Fa poured so much care, kindness and support into our healing work together. She made a huge difference in my healing journey (although still in progress) that helped me feel hopeful and less alone.

I also noticed a considerable physical difference after each session, most notably during our first (and shortest) session where she had no verbal context or confirmation of my symptoms.

Her ability to tune in and have a direct conversation with your body’s energy is remarkable and unlike anything I have ever personally experienced. I write this with a lot of gratitude and hope for the future.

— Donya M.

Fa is an experience!

— Lucas D.

Fa is such an amazing healer. Her healing abilities are just so awesome.

I remember being healed by her, and I felt this huge weight lifted off my chest. Even though she didn’t even say anything to me, I felt so seen, so comforted and held. It reached such a deep part within me. I’m getting emotional talking about it.

I struggle with being vulnerable and open at times, but I felt very safe and comfortable right away with Fa. There was no pressure to be anything than myself and I felt safe to show up just as I was. I’ve never experienced anything like her healing.

— Kim D.