About me

My name is Fa Kinoshita.

You say my first name like do re mi [ fa ].

I am an artist and a healer.

I am an empath, an optimist, a person of multi and third culture, a generational curse breaker, a practitioner of holistic wellness and food-as-medicine, a divorcée of interracial marriage, a creative director in branding and design, an ex startup co-founder, and a yogi.

I’ve always been a happy outsider. I was born and raised in Japan as a fourth-generation Korean-Japanese. I moved to the United States as an international student during high school and have lived in Seattle, Chicago, and my current base Los Angeles.

Wherever I am, I attract soul families from all over the world and all walks of life. I love my place in this world where I get to belong to the whole existence beyond labels.

My name 和 [fa] means peace, harmony, and warmth. I’d like to believe I embody these elements.

I’m a student of life. I consider each moment to be my school and playground, and every conversation and encounter to be an opportunity to learn from each other.

With love,