Talk to Fa


Energy reading is one of the phenomenons I experience when healing people like you who are open and receptive to the work.

Through my intuition and my touch, I receive downloads about your energy, feelings, and the whereabouts of your journey. It is not something I do on purpose. It just happens.

Intuitive Touch, my healing practice, is a somatic and visceral experience. As the receiver, your body is gently wrapped in my hands with love, warmth, and intention.

I intend to hold a safe space for you, literally and metaphorically, generating warming sensations in and onto your body and creating a deep sense of acceptance. This helps you soften your heart, body, and nervous system.

When you allow yourself to relax and come back into your body, you can tap into parts of yourself you’ve neglected for a long time. Now, you can have a conversation with yourself that you’ve been meaning to have.

That is when your energy enters my consciousness. Sometimes, healing someone open and receptive makes me cry because I feel your effort and desire to break out of your hell. I feel your inner child buried deep within you. Other times, I may see a vision of you in my dreams.

Feeling is healing. It’s both the most fundamental and crucial step of our healing journeys. We accept who we are and where we are. And we start heading to the most authentic version of ourselves.

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