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Energy reading is one of the phenomenons I experience when healing people like you who are open and receptive to the work.

Through my intuition and my touch, I receive downloads about your energy, feelings, and the whereabouts of your journey. It is not something I do on purpose. It just happens.

Intuitive Touch, my healing practice, is a somatic and visceral experience. As the receiver, your body is gently wrapped in my hands with love, warmth, and intention.

I intend to hold a safe space for you, literally and metaphorically, generating warming sensations in and onto your body and creating a deep sense of acceptance. This helps you soften your heart, body, and nervous system.

When you allow yourself to relax and come back into your body, you can tap into parts of yourself you’ve neglected for a long time. Now, you can have a conversation with yourself that you’ve been meaning to have.

That is when your energy enters my consciousness. Sometimes, healing someone open and receptive makes me cry because I feel your effort and desire to break out of your hell. I feel your inner child buried deep within you. Other times, I may see a vision of you in my dreams.

Feeling is healing. It’s both the most fundamental and crucial step of our healing journeys. We accept who we are and where we are. And we start heading to the most authentic version of ourselves.

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Growing up, I was encouraged to eat everything. As a result, I became a good, non-picky eater. However, I am learning that my body is just not happy with certain foods.

Spicy chilis make my stomach upset.

Nightshade vegetables, non-raw milk dairies, shellfish, and blue fish make my skin itch.

Overprocessed gluten inflames my muscles and joints.

Refined sugar gives me a brain fog. I feel weak and stupid after consuming sugar.

Coffee makes me jittery. I used to think that was normal, but I didn’t want that to be how I felt every morning.

The morning after consuming alcohol, my skin feels dehydrated like a desert. I see wrinkles on my face that I normally never see.

So I’ve removed these foods from my diet. Of course, I make exceptions from time to time.

Some of these foods were harder to let go of than others. I used to love hand-pouring coffee. I looked forward to the ritual every morning. Weighing the beans. Folding and setting the filter. Pouring water slowly as the beans bloom and the aroma fills the air. Many evenings, I enjoyed a glass or two of red wine. Sometimes I’d sip on añejo tequila or mezcal. And I’d do that while watching the sunset or listening to music.

One thing about me, I do not like dwelling on the past and what’s no longer working for me. I enjoy adapting to new ways, and I did.

Now I am a very picky eater. I listen to my body and what it needs/does not, and I really like how I feel with and from what I eat.

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I’ve been responding to the universe’s guidance and trying things that it presents to me. Apparently, acting is one of them.

This turned out to be such a healing and empowering opportunity. I am so delighted that the director Destiny found me and trusted me with the role.

What a privilege to be part of the collective energies of fellow artists and dreamers. I loved every moment.

I’m ready, universe. I want more new experiences. Bring them to me!


Short film Speech Therapist by Destiny Jaimes Carachure

Produced by Leaphea Sambath

Co-cast: Jenna Aranda

BTS photos by Diego Salvacion

Thank you to the entire team at CSULB


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Hey beautiful souls, I’m now offering private healing sessions in my home in Highland Park, Los Angeles.

You’ll receive a combination of intuitive energy work and sensory touch therapy.

When I work on you, I scan your body, tap into my energy, and connect with yours through my touch. From there, I’ll intuitively know what to do with you. I will be there to hold a safe space for you, so you can come home to yourself. Maybe light a little fire in your heart, if you are open.

Since November, I’ve been volunteering as a healer in my friend and amazing yoga teacher Meg Shoemaker’s Healing Collective class at Kinship Yoga working on multiple people in each class a couple of times a week.

It’s been rewarding to have a direct impact on many people in front of my eyes. Some of them told me they felt seen for the first time in a while and the effect and feeling I brought to them were very special.

This is undoubtedly the most fulfilling work I’ve ever done in my life. It puts me in my element like nothing else. It comes in so naturally and almost effortlessly because it relies on my intuition. The culmination of my energy, my being, my gifts, and my love.

So take a journey with me. Here’s a link to book a session if you are interested. You will be in good hands with me.

Love, Fa

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I had social anxiety as a low teen.

I started experiencing it after one of the biggest tragedies of my life.

There was a boy I was into. He was the captain of my school’s soccer team. Athletic, charismatic, and flamboyant. Beautiful hair, full lips, husky voice. He had strong thighs and calves like a proper soccer player. He wore a navy and orange Le Coq track jacket to his practice. He looked like young Gael Garcia Bernal, but East Asian. I was in love with him.

He became my boyfriend for like 2 months. It felt like heaven. We would go to the local mall for dates. He would walk me home from school, and we held hands. We planned our first kiss over the phone and made it happen the next day. Such little nerds! I never wanted it to end.

Then all of a sudden, he told me that he liked one of my girlfriends and he couldn’t be my boyfriend anymore.

Every day felt like darkness. It went from romantic to hopeless in no time. What even is the point of living, said my 12-year-old self. I’d never ever experienced that kind of pain before. I liked him so so much, yet I couldn’t have him. It was excruciating.

I don’t remember much from the following two years. I have no memories from the period actually. I was legitimately traumatized. It was shocking to my whole system and altered my way of being. Social anxiety was one of the outcomes I suffered.

Up until the boy came into my life and left, I was quite extroverted. Vocal, outgoing, and social. I loved to be around people and especially to talk to people. The experience completely changed me, and it took me a few years to sufficiently recover. I honestly feel like I’m still making my way back to the old me.

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A shaman I met in Central America once told me that one of my biggest challenges would be to single out what my gift and purpose are.

He said because I’m skilled at so many things on an exceptional level, people are going to project their ideas onto me in regards to what I should do or who I should become.

When I heard that, it brought me a big sense of relief. It’s true, I’m naturally good at many things. But that doesn’t mean I want to pursue all of them.

This entire year, I’ve been a hermit. I shut down a lot of outside influences and tried my best to get to know me again.

I’ve learned that I don’t need much to be happy and content as long as I have my health and my own company, I must protect myself around those who are energy drainers while staying open and kind, and that I don’t like a lot of things I used to think I did.

And I have a deep inner knowing. My soul is very, very old.

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Out of darkness Into the light Are we ready?

Photo by Aiman A.

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I’m purified  I’m restored I’m inspired  I’m calmed I’m invigorated

Nothing comes close  To its healing power  To its magic

I can breathe now

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I was the one who was self-absorbed I was the one who was disconnected I was hurtful I was inconsiderate I was insensitive

I admit it

I am sorry

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