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I’ve been responding to the universe’s guidance and trying things that it presents to me. Apparently, acting is one of them.

This turned out to be such a healing and empowering opportunity. I am so delighted that the director Destiny found me and trusted me with the role.

What a privilege to be part of the collective energies of fellow artists and dreamers. I loved every moment.

I’m ready, universe. I want more new experiences. Bring them to me!


Short film Speech Therapist by Destiny Jaimes Carachure

Produced by Leaphea Sambath

Co-cast: Jenna Aranda

BTS photos by Diego Salvacion

Thank you to the entire team at CSULB


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Hey beautiful souls, I’m now offering private healing sessions in my home in Highland Park, Los Angeles.

You’ll receive a combination of intuitive energy work and sensory touch therapy.

When I work on you, I scan your body, tap into my energy, and connect with yours through my touch. From there, I’ll intuitively know what to do with you. I will be there to hold a safe space for you, so you can come home to yourself. Maybe light a little fire in your heart, if you are open.

Since November, I’ve been volunteering as a healer in my friend and amazing yoga teacher Meg Shoemaker’s Healing Collective class at Kinship Yoga working on multiple people in each class a couple of times a week.

It’s been rewarding to have a direct impact on many people in front of my eyes. Some of them told me they felt seen for the first time in a while and the effect and feeling I brought to them were very special.

This is undoubtedly the most fulfilling work I’ve ever done in my life. It puts me in my element like nothing else. It comes in so naturally and almost effortlessly because it relies on my intuition. The culmination of my energy, my being, my gifts, and my love.

So take a journey with me. Here’s a link to book a session if you are interested. You will be in good hands with me.

Love, Fa

#healing #updates