A hermit year

A shaman I met in Central America once told me that one of my biggest challenges would be to single out what my gift and purpose are.

He said because I’m skilled at so many things on an exceptional level, people are going to project their ideas onto me in regards to what I should do or who I should become.

When I heard that, it brought me a big sense of relief. It’s true, I’m naturally good at many things. But that doesn’t mean I want to pursue all of them.

This entire year, I’ve been a hermit. I shut down a lot of outside influences and tried my best to get to know me again.

I’ve learned that I don’t need much to be happy and content as long as I have my health and my own company, I must protect myself around those who are energy drainers while staying open and kind, and that I don’t like a lot of things I used to think I did.

And I have a deep inner knowing. My soul is very, very old.

#journal #healing