I'm a picky eater now

Growing up, I was encouraged to eat everything. As a result, I became a good, non-picky eater. However, I am learning that my body is just not happy with certain foods.

Spicy chilis make my stomach upset.

Nightshade vegetables, non-raw milk dairies, shellfish, and blue fish make my skin itch.

Overprocessed gluten inflames my muscles and joints.

Refined sugar gives me a brain fog. I feel weak and stupid after consuming sugar.

Coffee makes me jittery. I used to think that was normal, but I didn’t want that to be how I felt every morning.

The morning after consuming alcohol, my skin feels dehydrated like a desert. I see wrinkles on my face that I normally never see.

So I’ve removed these foods from my diet. Of course, I make exceptions from time to time.

Some of these foods were harder to let go of than others. I used to love hand-pouring coffee. I looked forward to the ritual every morning. Weighing the beans. Folding and setting the filter. Pouring water slowly as the beans bloom and the aroma fills the air. Many evenings, I enjoyed a glass or two of red wine. Sometimes I’d sip on añejo tequila or mezcal. And I’d do that while watching the sunset or listening to music.

One thing about me, I do not like dwelling on the past and what’s no longer working for me. I enjoy adapting to new ways, and I did.

Now I am a very picky eater. I listen to my body and what it needs/does not, and I really like how I feel with and from what I eat.

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