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I was the one who was self-absorbed I was the one who was disconnected I was hurtful I was inconsiderate I was insensitive

I admit it

I am sorry

#balance #healing #journal

My mom did this arrangement for me on my birthday. She said she wanted to express the essence of me with those sunflowers, vivacious tropical leaves, and horizontal shape. I love it. I especially love the dynamic shadow it creates.

#love #journal

I like my face the way it is. It took a lot of inner work to be able to say that, and I deserve this sense of ease. I earned it. It’s a good place to be.

#healing #love #journal

I wish I weren’t feeling this way towards you. But you and I have fallen apart. Long long time ago. I am going to feel what I feel. I am going to allow myself to feel the way I do.


I told him I love him I simply expressed what I felt It was not a request for an action I sought no answer The feelings were overflowing And drowning me in overwhelm I had to release them I had to tell him For me

#love #journal

I don’t know how to pace myself I have accepted that I just have to go all in I don’t know any other way

Photo by a friendly stranger

#healing #journal

Your harsh words Carelessly spat out at me Bringing back all the memories Memories I want to forget for life Destroying my light, my soul, my drive, my creativity I don’t wish to speak to you anymore Until you resolve your darkness

#healing #journal #balance