Talk to Fa


I told him I love him I simply expressed what I felt It was not a request for an action I sought no answer The feelings were overflowing And drowning me in overwhelm I had to release them I had to tell him For me

#love #journal

I love the nighttime. I am a night owl. The darkness inspires me. It lights the fire in me. Sometimes, I wake up early by accident. Totally against my desire. I wish I were a morning person. Because the sun is too precious to miss.


I look forward to seeing the black cat every time I go out for a walk. Sometimes he’s outside, sometimes he is not. That is just how it is. We’ve become very close over the past few months. I’ve slowly gained his love and trust. We have a mutual understanding of each other. It’s the first time I’ve ever felt this way toward a nonhuman. Souls are souls after all. I’m in love with his sweet soul.

Photo by my mom

#love #meow