Talk to Fa


the sun is high the sky is blue winds on my tanned skin the sweet sound of silence

on the rocks between rocks surrounded by rocks

that’s where i want to be

#nature #love #poetry

Warm summer night Sitting on the balcony floor Facing me closely On the faded blue beach blanket Two wine glasses Two mezcal shots One water pipe

Warm string lights Illuminating the texture of your curly hair Your eyes So wide and open Deep like the ocean Sad like the saddest movie I’ve ever seen

Your eyes on my eyes No blinking so far Piercing through my soul I feel seen for the first time

#love #poetry #art

Big vast ocean Slow dancing waves Washing away all the worries Embracing me with love Love so big that’s out of this world For the little child inside of me

I’m sitting in the shallow water Looking straight into the orange sunset Glitters on the surface The water is warm The whole place is warm I am warm Because the sun is still out there

#dreams #poetry #nature

I am a traveling guide A teacher at times A muse to some Mirroring you wherever I go Things you love and hate about yourself

I am a soul of energy Led by intuition and fire And above all I am a student of life

#poetry #downloads #intuition