Talk to Fa

I hear a calling Through my left ear I feel their presence They talk to me

The shamanic psychic who was loved by her children and grandchildren

The community leader who created a safe space for the neighborhood outcasts

The vivacious spiritual nomad who raised the secret love child of her lousy brother

The larger-than-life lover who cared for everyone who had the pleasure of entering her life

The misunderstood wanna-be actress who died angry at the world

These are women in my lineage

I know I am connected I know I am protected I am deeply rooted

I am a sum of these women Everything that they were Everything they wished to be.

#journal #ancestors #intuition

I sleep a lot.

In my waking consciousness, my antenna is always on. I am constantly observing and connecting to everything around me. Most of the time, I am unaware of such activities. This is just my natural state.

When I’m engaged in a conversation, I give all of myself to whom I’m talking to. On the other hand, I often zone out to the point I fail to notice words said by someone who’s in my face.

When I hear a beautiful piece of music, or when I am immersed in nature, I get goosebumps and tears brim in my eyes.

When I am lying on the ground and feel the warmth of the sun on my skin, I am reminded of my past life as a living soul in a strange place with intense heat.

When I am in the presence of someone who is hurting, my heart aches, with tightness in my chest.

When I spend time with someone who is very negative, my neck and shoulders turn stiff and I experience pain and fatigue the next day.

I’ve learned to manage the influence of outside energies all my life, but especially the past couple of years as my awareness has grown even further.

It is exciting to be me. Yet very exhausting. I don’t know how to turn my antenna off.

That’s why I need a lot of sleep.


I love you Because I love me so much And I see bits of myself in each one of you

#love #journal

She entered the room in a flamboyant manner. Dressed in a marigold color two-piece suit that resembled a noble African tribe chief. It suited her so well, and she looked completely androgynous.

Grandma, from my dream journal.

#art #dreams #ancestors

I always seem to create something impulsively and intuitively, and later learn why I did what I did.

This quick painting I made a couple of years ago is a great example, as these days, I am feeling very connected to something larger than myself.

#art #intuition #ancestors

the sun is high the sky is blue winds on my tanned skin the sweet sound of silence

on the rocks between rocks surrounded by rocks

that’s where i want to be

#nature #love #poetry

Out of darkness Into the light Are we ready?

Photo by Aiman A.

#healing #nature

My great-grandmother was a traveling psychic and a shaman.

I learned this for the first time just when I was about to leave home for the airport to return to LA. I’d been back home in Japan for 7 months for health recovery.

I never got to meet her, my great-grandmother. She was my father’s grandmother. I was told she was loved by her children and grandchildren. She would travel all over her town and perform rituals in people’s homes. She would use drums and other instruments and props as part of her spiritual rituals.

When I learned this, I felt the dots connecting within me. The dots I’ve been collecting as I move through life. They suddenly made sense. It’s in my blood, the gift. I’ve always felt that in my heart. In my soul.

She’s been with me this whole time.

#stories #intuition #ancestors

I’m purified  I’m restored I’m inspired  I’m calmed I’m invigorated

Nothing comes close  To its healing power  To its magic

I can breathe now

#healing #love #nature

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